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Nickel can be removed using Iron or Aluminium anodes. With aluminium we produce very clear water results.
Results from Customer using Aluminium Electrodes

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This video demonstrates the power of Electrocoagulation and the ability to destruct hexavalent chromium without using reducing chemicals. Eletro-coagulation is able to treat hexavalent chromium directly. This process also offers the advantage of producing very little sludge compared to conventional method of treatment. The sludge produced is also non-leachable.

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This type of wastewater contains a fluorescent dye that is commonly used during nondestructive testing. A type of inspection process commonly used in the Automotive and Aerospace industries. This process is used to detect small cracks in critical components. The water shown in the video is water from the rinsing process. This water contains the fluorescent dye which is commonly removed by filtration or encapsulation by bentonite clay to absorb the dye penetrant oil.

Our proven technology is successful treating BOD, TSS, Oil and Grease, heavy metals and other elements such as phosphorus and nitrogen.

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Jan 11, 2014

Treatment of Hexavalent Chromium…

Conventionally when we need to remove hexavalent chromium out of solution we first need to reduce it from hexavalent to...

Dec 19, 2013

Electro Coagulation Presentation

{youtube}QL_5cN9PWFM|775|450|0{/youtube}  This presentation shows a brief introduction to the principles of Electrocoagulation and the benefits of using a Helical-Cathode Design. Learn...


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