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In the 20th century Electrocoagulation has been used mostly as plate technology. In the last 10 years it has become increasingly popular in the USA, South America and Europe for the treatment of Heavy Metals in Industrial Wastewater.

Our Technology surpasses Plate Technology in the following areas:

  • Small gap between Anode and Cathode uses low voltage. This feature of our technology allow customers to treat water for only one dollar in electricity cost per day. All our treatments applications are performed under 10 volts.
  • We are able to use better quality of material in the construction of our Anodes. Plate technology can only use lower grade steel which produce more sludge and cause plugging of the cells.
  • Changing of our anodes is fast and easy!
  • We can build higher flow rates applications with ease. Our concentric cell design gives us more surface area in less physical space.
  • Our cells or vessels are not open to the atmosphere. This increase efficiency in the process and reduce plugging.

Our Technology surpasses Chemical Coagulation in the following areas:

  • Chemical coagulation produces large volumes of sludge with High Bound Water Content. Our process produces very little sludge (sludge consist of only the contaminants that are in the water). Our floc contains only 20% water.
  • The floc produced by chemical coagulation is fragile, difficult to filter and difficult to dewater. 
  • Chemical coagulation usually increases TSS because the Electric Double Layer is not as efficient as the one produced by electrocoagulation. 
  • Stable instantaneous floc is produced by Electrocoagulation.
  • Chemical reactions that normally take a few seconds under normal conditions are accelerated thousands of times under electrocoagulation.

Our proven technology is successful treating BOD, TSS, Oil and Grease, heavy metals and other elements such as phosphorus and nitrogen.

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